Oriflame Success Stories

Oriflame Success Stories

As we all know about oriflame and it’s success how it helps people to grow to be independent by themselves.
Oriflame is a golden opportunity for Everyone but especially if you are a woman you have more benefits and advantages oriflame aims to give everyone a platform to work for their dreams.
Oriflame Company gives discount/offers on various products every month. All products company sells are of good quality and if any defect is found the company will replace the product.

We are very proud and glad to see our members growth and how far they have come from the beginning it’s just amazing and very overwhelming they are successful and independent.

Here are some of Success stories of our members that we would like to share with you All.

1. Priya
Oriflame Success Stories Priya
Priya who is just 20 years old . we are very proud to announce that with all her passion and dedication she has achieved her director title and now she will also get a cash award of rs. 50000/ and she has qualified Manager’s seminar and director’s seminar and we wish her all the luck for her future successes.
2. Shivani Gupta
Oriflame Success Stories Shivani
Shivani Gupta a mother who is 29 years old (Done MBA in HR) and has a son who is 5 years old so along with the lot of responsibilities already she has achieved director title and a cash award of rs. 50000/ and qualified manager and director’s seminar with her utmost dedication towards her work and I am really proud and extremely happy for her achievements.
3. Komal
Oriflame Success Stories Komal
We are feeling really very proud to announce the huge success of this young dynamic 20 years old girl who is very passionate and dedicated in what she does and she is empowering many youngsters now and extremely glad to announce that she has achieved senior director and gold director title all together and a cash award of rs. 75000/ and rs. 100000/ and she has also qualified for director seminar and manager seminar and not just that she is also on track fospain(gold conference).
4. Aradhana Nahar
Oriflame Success Stories Aradhana
It’s a very proud moment for us to share a success story of Director Aradhana Nahar from Chandigarh. A role model and true example for her network and entire team. She dreamed to have her own house and now dream is converted into reality. Dreams Do Come True. Aradhana Supported her family to buy a new house in Chandigarh. Many congratulations on filling your dream and owning a property. She followed the complete process of filling dreams – dream building, goal, details, reality. We all are proud you and once again congratulations to you and your family. May all your future dreams come true. Have a great time ahead. God Bless You. Sharing some of beautiful pictures of beautiful house. We also feel blessed to have you as our strong team partner and being part dazzling stars family.

Oriflame business it’s not just about the work but flexibility in work you can work anytime, anywhere it’s so easy.

If you want to be a oriflame member reach you can directly contact us!

Call us at : 9811681997

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