What is Oriflame ?

  • Oriflame was Founded in 1967 by two brothers Robert and Jonas AF Jochnick and their friend.
  • Oriflame is now an international beauty company selling direct in more than 60 countries worldwide.
  • Oriflame has1.5 billion Euros in annual sales
  • Oriflame has approximately 3.6 million consultants worldwide.
  • Oriflame has 7900 employees
  • Oriflame has a product range of approximately products and new products are added every month as per the demands of the Indian Market.
  • Oriflame is a Co founder of World Childhood Foundation.
  • Oriflame has a Global R&D centre with more than 100 scientists In Europe.
  • Oriflame Products are manufactured in five state of the art factories owned by the company in Russia, China, India, Poland and Sweden.
  • Oriflame is Listed on the Nasdaq OMX Exchange since March 2004

Three Ways to Earn

  • VIP Customer: Become a VIP Customer for Free, get access to a new catalogue every month. Luxury to buy products for self use at an attractive discount delivered directly at your doorstep as often or as rarely as you want to. No compulsion of any kind.
  • Selling:Make additional 20% or more by recommending products to your close friends and relatives.
  • Recruiting: By inviting your friends to join Oriflame as a full time or part-time Consultant and help them build a team through Pooja’s exclusive online trainings(sitting in the comfort of your home) and earn a fabulous monthly income, foreign trips, cash awards, cars and company stock.

Why Oriflame?

  • Oriflame is the only Swedish Company selling natural cosmetics and skincare products in India. An opportunity to get high quality natural products at affordable price.
  • Part of a Direct Selling Industry worth US$ 169.99billion.
  • An opportunity to have a home based business that allows you to achieve work-life balance with a potential income of a CEO.
  • Educational Qualification or prior work experience required.
  • No investment.
  • You are your own boss, you set your goals. No compulsion of any kind.
  • You can run your business sitting anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited income, Foreign trips, breathtaking recognitions and unlimited opportunities for personal development.